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SVRS MindTouch

Corporate Directory


Where to find the login screen for Corporate Directory on each of endpoint type.  Please note that only authorized contacts at the organization may have the directory log in information.

ntouch VP2

  • Go to Settings, Controls, Directory Service and enter credentials.  When done, press Home or Back button on remote to save and log in


ntouch Mac

  • Go to ntouch Preferences, Contacts and use Update User name and Password to enter credentials.


ntouch PC

  • Go to Settings, Phonebook and there should be a (organization) tab.  Use Update User name and Password to enter credentials and click Save.


ntouch for iOS

  • Go to ntouch Settings, Contacts and scroll down to bottom until you see (organization).  Click on Update Login Information and enter credentials to log in.


ntouch for Android

  • Go to ntouch Settings, Advanced and click on Directory Service. Enter credentials to log in.