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SVRS MindTouch

Block Caller


There are ways to add phone number to Block List. You can add any existing contact in the list, you can add a new phone number directly or you can block a number from Call History or a SignMail Caller.


  • You will not receive missed call notifications or SignMail videos from a blocked phone number.
  • You can block anyone except for certain Sorenson numbers such as Technical Support using this feature.
  • Enabling Don't Accept Anonymous Calls in Settings may block calls from other Sorenson endpoints that have the Hide My Caller ID feature enabled. 

Add a caller to Blocked List

  1. Tap Contacts > Drop-down menu (3 dots icon) > Blocked Numbers > Add New Number (plus icon)
  2. Enter the information.
  3. Tap Block.

Block anonymous videophone calls

  1. Tap Drop-down menu (3 dots icon) > Settings > Advanced.
  2. Enable Block Anonymous Callers.

Block a caller in Call History

  1. Tap History.
  2. Tap a call record.
  3. Tap Block Number > Block.

Block a caller in Contacts

  1. Tap Contacts.
  2. Press and hold a contact record. 
  3. Tap Block Numbers.

Block a caller in SignMail

  1. Tap SignMail.
  2. Tap a SignMail record.
  3. Tap Block Number > Block.

Delete a blocked caller

  • Tap Contacts > Drop-down menu (3 dots icon) > Blocked Numbers > Delete (x icon)

Troubleshooting tip

  • I am not able to block or unblock a number
    • You may have encountered the issue when Sorenson's servers are temporarily unavailable. Try these troubleshooting steps in the order to resolve the issue, stop when the issue is resolved:
      1. Force quit app then login again or reboot the VP.
      2. If using ntouch mobile or VP on the home network, reboot modem and router.
        • Try plugging ethernet into different network port.
        • If using router, try bypass the router and connect directly to the modem.
      3. Check your internet to make sure it is working as expected. Open a web browser and if it opens Internet Service Provider page containing some kind of warning then there may be issue with your provider and you may need to call them. 

​Contact us

If you have any questions or issues with this feature, please contact Technical Support and provide this code: BCLAO.