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SVRS MindTouch

Phone LED light is not flashing when receiving incoming calls

  1. Open the ntouch app.
  2. Tap Settings > Incoming Calls > On Incoming Calls Show.
  3. Select Flasher.
  4. Tap OK.

Note: Do Not Disturb must be disabled in Settings app on Android device.

Depending on your smartphone, open phone's settings to sound mode/profile and make sure it is set to sound or vibrate. If it is set to mute/silent, your phone LED won't flash for incoming calls. Below is an example:

  1. Tap Settings > Sound & Vibration.
    • You may see Sounds & Notification.
  2. Tap Sound Mute.
    • You may see Sound Profile.
  3. Select Mute.
    • You may see Silent.