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SVRS MindTouch

Share Text, Contacts, and Location


For those times when it is important to use words to be clear, the Share feature uses real-time text to send information to the caller or the interpreter. If you don't have a keyboard, you can use an on-screen keyboard. The Share Text has 176 character limits.

Add saved text

  • 9.0 version
    1. Tap Settings > Saved Text.
    2. Enter the information.
    3. Tap Add Saved Text > Done.
  • 8.6 version
    1. Tap Settings > Saved Text > Add Saved Text
    2. Enter the information.
    3. Tap Done.

Share a saved text, contact, or location during call

  • 9.0 version
    • Tap the screen > the Share icon, then tap an option:
      • Saved Text
      • Contact
      • Location
  • 8.6 version
    • Tap the screen > the Share button > tap an option:
      • Share Saved Text.
      • Share Contact.
      • Share Location.

Did you know

  • The Saved Text function lets you save up to 10 short text messages to use during calls. 
  • The Saved Text is stored locally on each ntouch product and not on Sorenson's server.
    • Note: Reinstall, reset or upgrade will wipe the saved text.
  • You can copy received Shared Text.
    • The copied text can then be pasted into other apps that support the native operating system's "Clipboard" function.

Contact us

If you have any questions or issues with this feature, please contact Technical Support and provide this code: STCLH