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SVRS MindTouch



SignMail lets you view videos received from both hearing callers through SVRS and from other deaf Sorenson users.


  • You can have Personal Greeting video recording up to 30 seconds. 
  • SignMail video will be deleted after 30 days. 
  • You cannot send a SignMail video to hearing phone numbers or to non-Sorenson numbers. 
  • You also cannot send a SignMail to Sorenson endpoint that is blocking calls from your phone number or to an endpoint that is set to Public mode.
  • You can record for the full 120 seconds (2 minutes) or you can choose to end the recording sooner. 
  • Verification email will be sent to the first email address whenever you change the email address. Once the email address is verified, the confirmation email will be sent to both email addresses if you have two email addresses set up.

Use SignMail

  1. Tap SignMail.
  2. Choose an option:
    • Tap a SignMail record to play. 
    • Tap Edit to delete a SignMail record or all SignMail records. 
    • Tap Enhanced SignMail (SignMail icon)
    • Tap info button (i icon) for additional options:

Enable Personal SignMail Greeting

  1. Tap Settings > SignMail Greeting.
  2. Choose an option:
    • Sorenson
    • Personal
    • No Greeting

Receive SignMail email notification

  1. Tap Settings > Personal Information.
  2. Enable Notify me for SignMail.
  3. Enter the email address.
  4. Tap Save.
  5. Open your email "Verification Needed to Activate your SignMail Account."
  6. Tap the hyperlink to activate the SignMail Account. 
    • Note: If you do not see the verification email, check junk or spam folder.

Send Enhanced SignMail

Note: You will not receive email notifications or Missed calls from Enhanced SignMail

  1. Tap SignMail Enhanced SignMail (SignMail icon)
  2. Tap Select Contact or Phone Number.
  3. Choose an option:
    1. Dial
    2. Contacts
    3. History
    4. myPhone

Contact us

If you have any questions or issues with this feature, please contact Technical Support and provide this code: SLIIG.