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SVRS MindTouch



Voice feature adds a new Microphone icon to the Home and In-call screens which you can use to turn the audio signal on or off either before or during a point-to-point or VRS call. You still have the option to use a separate telephone (previously called "2-Line VCO")

Setup Voice for Calls

  1. Select Settings > Call Options > Voice/Audio.
  2. Check the box:
    • Use voice to use for VP calls
    • Use voice and Use voice for VRS calls for 1-Line VCO.
    • Use a different phone number for VRS Calls then enter the phone number you will be using for 2-Line VCO.
  3. Select Save.

Troubleshooting tips

The person cannot hear me on the other end
  • Turn on the microphone through the in-call menu or from home screen
  • Select the correct microphone in the settings:
    • Select Settings > Device > Microphone
  • Install required drivers for the microphone (USB camera or external microphone)
  • Configure the microphone as the primary input device in Windows OS settings
I cannot hear the person on the other end
  • Turn up the volume on PC, speaker, or headset
  • Select the correct headset or speaker in the settings:
    • Select Settings > Device > Speakers
  • Install required drivers for the headset or speaker
  • Configure the headset or speaker as the primary output device in Windows OS settings

Contact us

If you have any questions or issues with this feature, please contact Technical Support and provide this code: VEOCI