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SVRS MindTouch

Camera issues with ntouch PC

Common issues

  • Camera control settings keep resetting back to the defaults for the external webcam.
    • To save the camera control setting, use your webcam software (for example, Logitech) to modify your settings instead of ntouch PC's camera properties setting.
    • This webcam software must start after Windows restarts before opening ntouch PC.
  • Camera not found on Lenovo.
    • Hit the F8 button on your laptop keyboard toggle Lenovo EasyCamera until you can see yourself. 
  • Low video quality using Logitech Webcams
    1. Make sure there is enough light in the room.
    2. If there is not enough light in the room, disable the RightLight option in Logitech Webcam Software. 
    3. If Logitech Webcam Software is not installed, go to Logitech website to download it. 
    4. Disable RightLight setting.