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Sorenson MindTouch



ntouch VP includes both a 1-Line Voice Carry Over (VCO) and 2-Line VCO feature. In addition, the In-Call Audio feature can be used during point-to-point (P2P) calls. The microphone inside ntouch VP's Remote Camera Unit (RCU) is used to pick up audio near the videophone.

To Turn On the Feature

  1. Start at the Home screen.
  2. Select the Settings button.
  3. Select the Device button.
  4. Select the Audio button to open the screen.
  5. Select the Enable In-Call Audio checkbox.
  6. Select the OK button.

To Turn On or Off the Ringer Sounds

  1. Start at the Home screen.
  2. Select the Settings button.
  3. Select the Call Options button.
  4. Select the Incoming button.
  5. Select the Silence the internal ringer checkbox.
  6. Select the OK button.


There is no known issue with the Audio feature.

Contact Us

If you are still having issues with the Audio feature, please call Technical Support at 801-287-9403 and provide this code: