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SVRS MindTouch

Voice Carry Over (VCO)


ntouch VP includes both a 1-Line Voice Carry Over (VCO) and 2-Line VCO feature.


  • 1-Line VCO is not supported in the Public mode.
  • Customer may hear music when connecting VCO, it'll stop once the hearing person connected.

Enable VCO

  1. Select Settings > Device > Audio.
  2. Choose an option:
    • Use 1-Line VCO (Beta)
    • Use 2-Line VCO
      • If selected, enter a call back phone number of the voice telephone you will be using. 
    Select OK.

Troubleshooting tips

  • Incoming call 1-Line VCO does not work
    • Add the contact to your Phonebook with 1-Line VCO option enabled.
    • Inform VI to have 1-Line VCO enabled for the call.
  • The interpreter and hearing caller cannot hear me clearly
    • Move closer to the microphone in the Remote Camera Unit (Remote Camera Unit) to reduce noise distortion.
  • The voice was dropped in the middle of a call
    • The VI will be able to reconnect the audio.
  • I hear an echoing sound when using audio with ntouch VP
    • Move RCU device until the echoing sound stops.

Contact us

If you have any questions or issues with this feature, please contact Technical Support and provide this code: VCOOA.