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SVRS MindTouch

Call History


Call History screen lets you see lists of your recent calls. You can choose to see a list of all calls, or just your missed calls, incoming calls, or outgoing calls.

Use Call History

  1. Select Call History
  2. Select a contact to call, delete, block or to edit the existing contact

Clear Call History

  • Select Settings > Controls > General > Clear Call History

Turn on Missed Call icon light on my camera and/or Pulse Flasher 

  1. Select Setting > Device Options > Privacy/Notifications
  2. Check the box for Show SignMail and Missed Call notifications on my camera?
  3. Check the box for Show SignMail and Missed Call notifications on my Pulse?

Did you know

  • Deleting your Call History will not be deleted from other ntouch product(s)
  • Interpreter ID will be shown only if call is connected.
  • Interpreter ID will be shown for the first interpreter connected, not the transferred or switched interpreter during the same call. 

Contact us

  • If you have any questions or issues with this feature, please contact Technical Support and provide this code: CHAIL