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SVRS MindTouch

Enterprise Device Location


This feature allows enterprise customer to identify the specific location of their product. The FCC now requires Deaf users of videophones that are installed in "enterprise locations" (schools, offices, etc.) to identify their devices' specific locations. Because this feature is only activated for videophones installed in identified enterprise locations, most users will not see the dialog. The current available options to select from (and some examples of their usage) are:

Option Usage
Shared workspace Conference room, break room
Private workspace Individual's office or cubicle
Shared living space Dormitory common room
Private living space Individual room with an assisted living facility
Other shared space Other restricted access space used by multiple people
Other private space Other restricted access space used by a single person
Work-issued mobile device Mobile device provided by company

When the dialog shown appears on your screen, you must first make a selection from the list of location options and then you must confirm (i.e. submit) your selection to dismiss the dialog and complete the process. Until you have made and confirmed your selection, you can only make 911 calls with the product.