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Sorenson MindTouch

Group Call


With the Group Call feature, you can talk to up to four other SVRS customers at once.

To Turn On the Feature

This Group Call feature is enabled by default and no action needs to be taken on your part to enable it.  If you do not see the feature, please contact us. 

To Create A Group Call

  1. When in an active call, press the OK key on the remote control.
  2. Select Call.
  3. Select one of the options:
    • Call History list
    • Favorites list
    • Phonebook Contacts list
    • Dial a number using the on-screen keypad
  4. Press the OK key on the remote control.
  5. Select Join.
    • As the calls are being joined, you will briefly see the message that group call is starting.
    • After the calls are joined, you will see the received video images from both calls appear in the center of the screen.
  6. To add more calls to the Group Call, repeat Steps 1 through 10 above.
    • You can add up to 2 other calls (for a total of 4 persons other than yourself) at one time.
    • Everyone in the Group Call will see the same four images on their screens.


  • In-call Call Transfer, Share Text, and Flash features do not work during Group Call
    • These features are disabled when a Group Call is active. 
  • Non-Sorenson videophone is not able to join the Group Call
    • The Group Call feature works with Sorenson endpoints only. 
  • Sorenson VRS is not able to join the Group Call
    • The Group Call feature does not work with Sorenson Video Relay Service (SVRS) calls.

Contact Us

If you are still having issues with Group Call, please call Technical Support at 801-287-9403 and provide this code: