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Sorenson MindTouch

N11 Dialing


Access all the N11 numbers available in your local area. By dialing 611, you will be connected directly with Sorenson Customer Service. N11 numbers include: 211, 311, 411, 511, 611, 711, 811 AND 911.

All N11 services are not available in all areas. Your provisioned 911 Location address is used for N11 phone number look-up. If you have a non-standard address format, N11 number look-up may fail.

To Turn On the Feature

The N11 Dialing feature is enabled by default and no action needs to be taken on your part to enable it.

To Use the Feature

Enter the N11 number that you want to call in the Dial field. The N11 numbers are:

211 Community information and referrals
311 Non-emergency policy dispatcher
411 Phone directory assistance
511 Traffic and transportation information
611 Customer service (directly dials Sorenson Customer Service)
711 State TTY relay service
811 Local utility “call-before-you-dig” service
911 Emergency dispatcher


There is no known issue with the N11 Dialing feature.

Contact Us

If you are still having issues with N11 Dialing, please call Technical Support at 801-287-9403 and provide this code: